Desire for life – K. B

Desire for life

What it must be like!

Here I am, stuck,
Pissed and with a full blatter.

What is mine is not mine any longer,
Violated by strong dreams,
Abused and raped by God,
My parents.

My integrity and ambition
Took a blow with all the wailing
And whining around,

I had a winner mentality
And a positive thinking
But pebbles in my shoes
Didn’t let me go further,
Namely jerks.

If I had a shovel,
I’d bury them all
So they live underground
And never see light again.

I’d be up in my palace.
Forget about humanism,
The impulse to give,
And give life is dead!

Fuck you assholes!

Go back to your tomb
That you rose from
To torment me,
Bloody ghosts
With a bloodless

Not a sign of joy,

Not a sign of love, hey!

Not a sign of warm radiance, hey!

I guess feelings are dying
Because your religion is fake!

You’re devoted to plastic idols
Not that I care now!

Go fuck yourselves!
K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.

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