Ferocious dogma – K. B

There’s a place in the heaven’s where the sun always shines..


Ferocious dogma


They say, get a degree!
To what degree will I
Accept my own alienation?

I quit.

Like a plant seeking the light,
I grew up from a dark corner
To reach our for the window.

A clear blue sky,
Winnowing wind,
Trees and vegetation.

I inhaled deeply
And rejected dogma
To broaden my vision
Of life,

Always secure in the big hand
Of the heavens.

They waved tissues
With stains of blood
Running through
The system
Of mass murder of our

That I will never forgive.

Caught up between bills
And taxes,
I became a robot
Configured for profit
With no time
To hold my head
High up for
My friends,
My relatives.

For my passions,
My hobbies.

They still want
To decorate
My life with a wife
And kids,
With work and studies,
But i couldn’t bring
Myself to perpetuate
A system that lowers
The diminished among
Us while the greatest
Of us are those who
Fight poverty and sickness.

I couldn’t bring myself,
Bearing the suffering
Of the world on my
Tiny shoulders.

Let there be a healing,
And it can’t happen
In a white picket fence

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.

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