The very little freedom that remains to still be a real and whole person – K.B

The very little freedom that remains : fulfilling myself to still be a real person.



Was sitting in despair,
What is this new
Emptiness inside?

In the past,
I defied their empire
To be alive and human,
God accepted to bring
My heart to life again
In my dead chest.

They had made me
A machine following
Laws full of flaws.


Got my mind rotating
Like a dervish,
Those turkish

I tasted all the delights
For a brief moment
Before it got stolen
By all these new rules.

What I need to say
Is that our lives weren’t
The best, now we’re

But the greatest lie
I have a hardship to believe
In is this so called solidarity.

Before the virus,
No one cared about no one.
Therefore, we’re just trying
To protect ourselves
As I don’t have, let’s be frank
Any conscience of my brother’s
And sister’s well being.

Because me too,
I never cared before
Too, caught up in my
Own doings.

Therefore, a collision happened
In front of the abstractness
Of the powerful messages
Sent every where,

The fake universality of it
And our ever personal understanding
Of life.

Compassion was never taught
In School, and it’s not happening.
We’re only bound by fear
Of misdoing or misbehaving.

There is no breath inside
Those messages
And we’re getting emptied
Of ourselves insidiously.

My fight goes on,
To give the world
A true substantial
Breath through
Heartfelt actions
And real stuff,
Beginning with myself :
The strife to live
In light and to get in
Touch with myself
And my emotions,
To live and luxuriate
In them, to be a real
Person for myself.

And nihilism
Are going on faster

Humanity won’t recover.

Night after night,
I push my engines
To rehumanise
Myself in this world
Without taste
That we’ve always
Been served
So revolt doesn’t
Come in the way
Of this unhuman
And cruel world order.

We never cared.
We’re scared for ourselves.
I know when a sauce
Doesn’t cook well.

This sudden call
To our conscience
And responsibility
Is a fake one.

Never cared for us
To develop our own
We have been by all means
Conditioned to be productive
And dumb.

They are raising awareness
On basis of causality,
Not spirituality,
And that’s the greatest
Blow I took in these days.

The hypocrisy is real.

This system wants competition,
Rivalry, it is an adversarial system.

Their message doesn’t touch me.. Because
Awareness is a choice, not a constraint.

Yes, the worse is yet to come.

No, we aren’t prepared psychologically.

Many will crumble, life won’t be the same
No more, even after if we live to see it.

But, I will preserve my freedom
When at a young age I CHOSE
To raise my level of awereness
Freely. These new prophets
Don’t convince me,
Because they are in fact
Deeply self interested.

However, I won’t behave
Irrespectfully, simply adapt.
They’ll have my compliance
But not my heart.

My heart lies elsewhere,
For a long time now.
Long live to me!

K. B


All rights reserved.2020.


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