The pleasures of a president – K. B

The whole issue is : how can they connect with the population?


The pleasures of a president

After the press,
Some caviar
Waiting backstage.
After the press,
A blowjob from
His wife in the car.
After the press,
A golf resort
All to himself.
It varies with
In France,
They get paid
To deliver a message.
A bottle of coke makes
My spirit fly,
What makes their spirits
The pleasures of a president.
It gets them so high
That they take nice decisions
But everyone around them
Has been tested
They taste and cheer
While the unemployed
And precarious feed
Their hearts on hate.
They are warned :
God gives them
These amazing
And forgetful
Only to lead
Them astray.
I’m a poor
But as the Lord says :
« And so I will give you
And thou shall be satisfied ».
I always wonder what are
The pleasures of a president,
The most refined cooks,
They haven’t heard the howling
Of a pierced roof.
At least, prophets lived
Humbly among the people,
Lifting a finger to pray
And structure their prophecy
Now associated with balls
Of crystal and never salvation.
It may be astract,
But a good word and a good
Deed has the power to heal.
I can feel the emptiness
Of the world and the people
Around me, but not now,
Not now…
« … And thou shall be satisfied ».
He who is at peace is never lost,
Only those devoid of any personality.
There will be fried lamb for dinner
Burnt brains under the assault of medias
And congregations of samaritans
Preaching for charity.

K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.

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