Notice :For non intiated writers and readers

Common belief thinks that poetry should be commented and talked about. This ain’t no psychology exercice, it is poetry for the sake of poetry. It remains poetry. Any effort to trace the poem back to the author’s feelings will be shielded and deleted. For once, I’d like mystery to be preserved. If you have a kind word to share, please do it, but for God’s sake, I’d ask you to measure the content of comments. Most are not shown and shielded. I’m putting my guts into this, and I don’t need to justify, answer, moderate, this poetry is all about self sufficiency, and it is not a flaw.  Uncertainty and doubt are commonly praised, but not here. My interior machinery is unaccessible, and wild guesses won’t do. A poem is a poem, but certainly not a mean to be scrutinized. Mystery is what it’s all about. Only God knows what’s truly inside me. Thank you for understanding. Let’s keep the good vibes.


K. B


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