Sunny orthodoxy – K. B

Sunni orthodoxy
New age, nah!
Spiritism, nah!
Yoga, nah !
Spirituality, nah!
Energies, nah!
Philosophy, nah!
Buddhism, nah!
Psychology, nah!
Sunni orthodoxy,

The basics are enough
To lift an existence
Vowed to perdition.

Hadith, yes!
Sermons, always
Check what the dude
Is saying!
But yes!

As prayer was commanded
During the night journey,
As it is a pillar,
I try not to let go of it,
They say even in distress
Don’t let go of it,
But I have a taste for good
Surely my corrupted side
Keen on enjoying life
Way too much.

Pina colada,
No alcohol please!
Girls, nooo way
Ain’t a psycho
But sister,
Moses waited forever
To get married until he has
Proved to be a responsible man!

Clubs? Nooo way
End up in the bathroom
Taking shots.

Yeah, yeah,
Ain’t a lot
To get satisfied on,
But it sure is the right
Until the line on the horizon
Is blurred by pollution,
Dark matter, covid-19,
Ouighours were a blessing
And now we’re drowning!
Rohingyas were good people
And now we’re drowning!
Muslims are sacred to God,
Touch a hair of them,
And he’ll send a typhoon,
Floods, earthquakes….
This is a signal for big
Change, no one is prepared,
Some are dying just to remind
Us of what we are : specks
Of dust, made of nothingness.
We celebrated the height
Of our civilization
But we left orphans
On the streets…
Surely it didn’t go unseen.
And before, people died too.
From untended sicknesses,
From homelessness,
From our disdain
And ego centrism…
Therefore, now
It is happening
Us, the healthy
The bright politician,
The busy entrepreneur…
I see only one way out :
May the Lord forgive us,
By saving our planet,
Protecting our kids
And helping the needy..

K. B
All rights reserved. 2020.

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