Cold at night – K. B

Cold at night



They said don’t light up
The heater
That’s what mankind
Is scared of now
It’s own emotion
And love.
Be a machine,
Be productive
Sucking the breast
Of Satan
Never turn to grace
Follow his disciples
Don’t yearn for desire
Be it that your heart’s a
Trap, a black hole in the chest.
Once there is light,
They filled their heads
With bullshit about me,
Lover, parents,
I remember my body
Exulting and all this beauty
Is going to waste…
They said don’t turn on the heater,
All this money is not expendable
A life is better spent in austerity
Than true water running
Like a stream.. Of consciousness,
Of love, of abundance,
No the strict rules are alas
Well present
I’m cold and there won’t be sun
Till morning with all this demonic
Saliva on my legs
I took a cold, found the sun,
Then my face was put into
Mud so I forget about your Glory…

K. B


All rights reserved.2020.


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