Invocation – K.B



Ya rahim (o merciful),
We have gone astray
In theories and novelties.

We have sacrificed our
Virgin minds
To bullshit
And sedition,
We have shown
The wonders
Because they
Need sensation
Like tabloids.

What is dearest
Was given
With no result,
Maybe a bullet
In the head
And they keep
Nagging with
Threats and violence
Till they get what they
Want… Your innocence.




All rights reserved. 2020.


Too bright a fellow falls under
Jealousy or plays a destructive
Game in this world of hate.
When energy fails
And the embellishment stops,
Only the Lord answers.
Here I am, disposessed
Of myself and what I seek
Most are missing parts of
Myself trampled upon
And massacred.
They killed a prophet,
They’ll soon earn more
Money with interest rates..
The spice of life according
To them…
K. B
All rights reserved. 2020.


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