Hoping… – K. B


Hoping that my parents
Will love eachother again,
Like when they met.

Daddy got old
And is difficult to

They have their moments
But they advertise only
The tough stuff.

A lot of yelling,
And sometimes a kind

Work is heavy on Mom’s shoulders
But still I have to protect myself
From her unstable moods.

Dad is old but still claims the crown
While I escape his now flawed judgment
Seemingly agreeing with him but making
My own choices…

Here they are… My genitors..

Sucked inside out by the system
That gave them a sour heart
And miscalculations on happiness.

Here we are, a new generation
With new ideas and keen on
Working less and living more.

The passing time is no
Angel, it will take the science
They were given,
The physical steadiness,
I hope it won’t take their

As I write these words,
The same strictness,
Severity and yelling
Will start tomorrow,
Unless the Lord shows

All my hopes are with him,
That a white sheet of peace
May come down on them
While they sleep
So they wake up
Full of dreams
And energy again,
With only kind words
To share…

K. B


All rights reserved.2020.


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