The dead human spirit – K. B

The dead human spirit

The stars like
A mirror,
Head full of shit.

According to Paul,
The bible is worth
A qur’an,
Mud vs diamond,
Manly words
Versus diamond
From the sky.

Then they treat us
Like arrogants,
Then the tired
Cleaning lady
Turns on the tv
For soap opera,
Then the famished
Children dance
In mines,
Then the birds
Shit on my car…

Stars were like a mirror
Of a true lost splendor
That survives only in the
Sky, blazing with wisdom
To my dimmed eyes
With stress and their
Heavy anxiety.

They said sex is liberation
But water is libation
And strangers engulf
Your needs into
Food for their mind
And they mix all philosophies
Like a mojito
Into one with no real value
Nor coherence
Beside justifying one’s action,
How twisted!

The Lord is merciful
Coz you earned money
But When money fails,
What is left?

You swear and spit,
Except those who
Consider Allah for his own
In the purpose
Of serving knowledge and
Not yourself
But Him,
The source of colors
And light
By saying the right
Prayers at the right time
With the right words,
And feeling it…



All rights reserved. 2020.


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