Allah is real – K. B

Allah is real

Would you ask
Help from the
Or deaf?
Or something
That cannot favor

Nor send you wind
To warn or caress,
Rain to appease,
Angels to guide
And help,
Light to see
The true stuff
From what’s fake
And empty,
How foolish we are!

We worship bills
And money,
Girls and power,
Emotion and
All that is empty.

Look for the face
Of Allah,
Its splendor
Is inspiring.

Fake prophets
At every turn,
I went to the source
And quenched my thirst,
Both metaphorically
And physically.

It was a soft
Summer’s day,
I heard the murmur
Of waters,
Followed the trail,
And drank from
A stream.

That water was special,
It contained eternal youth
And wisdom.

Then the angry crowd
Started bottling it
And selling it.

It became polluted
Which started a war…

The wells of paradise
Are wide open for me.
I do not need to worry
As every new line
Comes folded
In the bucket,

Lending me
New wings
To fly higher
Each time
In all amorous
God bless.


All rights reserved. 2020.

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