The beginning of a feeling – K. B

The beginning of a feeling

A shade, a pencil
The mind rises
To the caress,
The heat,
The warmth,
The fostering,
The illumination.

A shade, a pencil
Cold waters
And flying birds,
Vast fields of rice
Women with no make
Who learned to be beautiful
Without artificialities (not a cliché)
And solemn men in their daily
Task facing survival.

True warmth
And generosity,
Shoeless children
Happy with a ball
Made out of socks.

Those are my people,
Nothing will ever surpass

I’ve been sitting in luxurious
Houses with assholes
And I couldn’t keep
My mind from going
Back there,
The mud and the broken
The sound of laughter
And the warm glow
Of their souls
With lanterns hanging
Outside to guide the travelers.

Faces of my childhood,
I kept a keen optimism
From those days,
From the next door
Blind man
And the daily
Going back and forth
To the well inside
The house.

My aunts would buy me
Mineral water because
I couldn’t drink from
The well…

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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