Inseminated negativity – K. B

Inseminated negativity

Through every dot on my skin,
Through every cell
Negativity is inseminated.
I used to be a flower of virtue
Blooming in spring,
Closing in winter.

But then ,evil spirits
Came along
To burn my eyes
Which don’t cry
No more.

I had the power
Of a thousand men,
O sweet nostalgia!

And as I write these
Lines, the powerful djinns
Around send pikes in my body,
The cursed man that I am,

A boy with higher sensitivity
Left in the gutter
With very few assistance,

Reluctant parents not keen
On being alive.

My path was full of shining,
Light I could fuel the city
With my soul alone
But the evil spirits
Brought me down
On my knees.

They see us but we don’t..

I can see them, hear them,
Feel them,
And it drives me mad.

A stranger from a far galaxy
Told me my lineage
Was noble
But as a second generation
Immigrant I have no history
Beyond my father
Who is now rumbling in the
Living room
Looking for his lost

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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