Ashab al kahf (People of the cavern) – K. B

Ashab al kahf (people from the carvern)

They walked up the mountain
To find refuge from an impious city
They entered the cavern
Saying : « Lord, this city has turned
Against you ».
They sat on the rocks
Then an irresistible sleep
Took them by surprise.
They woke up severel hundred
Years after.

O Muhammad,
Endure and go
On a beautiful exile
From what they say.

They said he was mad,
He only came with the truth
And as all truth seekers
Here we are in our own caverns
Where still shines the beacon
Of knowledge
Because all their programs
At school are non edible.
They manipulated our minds
To become workers
Doing the same stuff
Everyday, all over again.

People of the cavern were
Right to flee, as what became
Of  them after that long sleep,
Only the heavens know…

Here I am,
In my cavern
Waiting for the day’s
Bounty as I don’t need

New clothes though.
And a tradition deep
In my heart, the one
Of Muhammad.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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