Supreme good – K. B

Supreme Good

Tales of ancient times
Speak of prophets,
Closer to them
Than to my jugular vein.
Spilled blood speaks
As I travel everyday
For seven years now.
Will the sun reach
His final destination,
The promised land,
The Eden like an endless
Warm caress on the battered
Crammed is my mind
With unfulfilled desires,
Driven mad,
Catching up quick
With a comet,
Botherhood like
Two branches
And an old
White haired
Father in peace
With himself.
O no! Poets
Are not peaceful
They let out the beast inside
They can be charmed or leave
A scar on your chest
Because steak failed to be
Raw with pepper.
An animal lives inside me
Who wants to live
And rip off the sky
Till it bleeds like my heart,
Too weak to push forward,
Searching deep inside
To the root of Good,
And Evil.


All rights reserved. 2020.


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