Sundance – K.B


The season of harvest, Summer!
Fruits dripping
Mental elevation
To the sky
As the heat floods
The minds.
Fastuous season!
Summer Love!
My desperate attempt
To shine with the deep
Instincts of life
Is a failure for a while,
Waling whale
On a deserted shore.

I don’ t mean no offense,
Mister Winter,
As you defeated Napoleon
So are you defeating me.
My troops are happy
So am I.
My parents are safe,
So am I.
My friends are resting,
So am I.
I often choose silence
Over foolishness,
All is counted.
Push the right pon
At the right moment,
Especially if you’re playing
Under an apple tree
With the cows watching.
Queen Mom, King Dad
I’m the knight and
The mad lad
That crosses lines
In between
To reach for the bottom
Gary, summer is coming!
I can hear him.

K. B

All rights reserved.2020.


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