Explicit : Whatsapp disease ( cheap mass)

Whatsapp disease

O, I can see he read my
Messages, please baby,
And there goes a hundred
Vocal messages,
As if talking to God
On Mount Sinai
(giving the commandments
Instead of receiving them)
That same sleeping voice
Under meds or hysteria.

« Je voulais te dire que »
I wanted to tell you something,
It always starts well
And here they are
Enslaving the dumb
Mass with free calls
So they can share
Their pain without knowing
The cause.

I am the tool they never expected
Highly educated and renegade
Well informed about their strategy
For the toxic cloud is spreading
To our cells and cellphones
Especially if you’re with someone
Let’s imagine that,haha.

You just put a tracker on yourself.

What are you doing babe?
O, he’s online, o he read
My messages, babe what
Are you doing?

At one point you say to yourself:
I’m taking a shovel and I’m coming
To get you, cheap piece of ass…

All you keep doing at night is texting.
They always need to have a say on
What you do and how you do it…
Until all substance and instinct
Is sucked out.. And there comes
The cocaine railway station
Without notice… (laughs)..

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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