Explicit : The great congress of temporary atheism

The great congress of temporary atheism

Hey, Jef,
Go get the weed!
Loving Jah!
And get me a beer too!
You know, I gotta tell you,
The bible is some bullshit
Made up by men,
I don’t trust books
Coz you know,
When I get high
I feel like I’m talking to Jah!
I trust Bob, only Bob
And you my friend?

P :

O no, I won’t speak up
For Christians….

J :

My sister died from an O.D,
Yeah, but I used to be a star
And she always tried to break
Me, she would listen to Pink Floyd,
All floydians are drug addicts,
Loving Jah man!
Even Dead I hate her! As in not really,
You know, I love her a little bit,
Loving Jah! Jah the light! Hey, master
Of the house, bring the booze,
I used to be a stage director,
Yeah look at this video,
So avant garde,
Loving Jah !

A junkie talking :

Look at this bloody straight
Muslim, with a stick up his ass,
Hey, I’m so stoned, get a stone
Up your ass, yeah, I have fun,
(This is a hate poem)…

Me :

Long night spent agonizing.

J :
I’ll have, a quick line of coke too,
Yeah, I go to a centre,
But fuck the doctors,
And I like to fuck alcoholics
Too! Especially when the girl
Is drunk.

Me :
We should hang them
To the ceiling so they get to think
About their lives, assholes.

J :

Where’s Ilyas? The drug dealer,
I’m off with my stinking dog
I feed with low priced food
And that farts every 5 minutes.

Me :
Yey, we aaare the chosen ones

J :
Hey babe, wake me up,
Hold my arm tight,
I gotta shoot it up
To fuck up my brain.
Hey, little angel,
Shut the fuck up,
I’m following demons to
Hell! Haha!


All rights reserved. 2020.


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