The erudite’s pyre – K. B

Dedicated to Julian Assange

Because the greatest  djihad is
To look for knowledge and truth.

The erudite’s pyre. 

Like in medieval times
Those who seek knowledge
For real, for it’s own sake
Lighting up their days
With a bright light
Are, far from being
Praised, persecuted.
By the truth,
They are the science
Of truth and their science
Is real.
They want us to be well
Parked dummies,
That’s no mystery
And everytime we retaliate
With virtue, they strengthen
Their empire.
They’d rather have us play dice
Or drink wine till no time
In the morning,
They’d be more reassured.
Even low key, the radar is wide
Open. They already fucked our
Parent’s brain and since Snowden
We know they are closely watching.
Not a moment of freedom,
The command is to overwhelm us
With unnecessary stuff to keep
Our minds away from interrogating
Their power, I speak of any kind
Of authority, from your parents
To your boss to the state government.
We are in an invisible prison,
Only a free mind knows where to
Touch the bars.
Even alone, God sends demons to you.
That’s a heavy test with no taste,
And I ain’t thrilled about it.
My crede is to be left in peace
But I know one thing for sure :
There’s a pyre for the erudite
To cancel him from the world.
We’d rather listen to TV shows
Than open a useful book,
Putting a finger on it.
Since childhood,
My behavior was
My great need
Of isolation to read
Always rose questions
And it will always be
Like that,
Except if I escape
The grip once again.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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