Narcissic trap – K. B

Because I am always thirsty for freedom ..

Narcissic trap

They keep you in custody
And as freedom to choose
Is being rang everywhere
When you choose to escape
And better your life
You fall under their fire
Like a bird in a cage
The narcissic trap
Closes itself on you
Either stay and suffer
Or escape and be under
Sometimes palpable
Sometimes on
Bright flower lie in the field
Bright stars too and the restless
Heart needs to calm down
And not look to closely in.
Like any gang or mafia,
The members are closely
Families are crumbling
As conversations turn into
And daily food is not
Even guarenteed.
After the great ecstasy
Of the show,
The curtains fall
And all that we missed
Comes back galloping
At a fast pace
Moments of joy
Moments of happinness
Escape the matrix
And the man made hell.
Resistance is no violence.
A good mind finds a way through

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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