Unglorious humans – K. B

Went for for the truth and came back..

Unglorious humans

they stick to the devil
they refuse the light and put a veil on my eyes
they try to shut it
by all means,

always the big threats and
the little means.

it’s time to bite into love,
taste and purpose…
truly warriors of light.

nothing is coincidence,
all is said and done.

and as the night closes in,
demons get stronger
my legs hurt with burns and i have no real hope
for the coming day….

beween what we show to people
and what really happens inside and outside,
there is a prison.

you take a pen
there lies joy and solace.

Everyone turns their back
but not your real brother.

dummies are everywhere
i stopped watching T.V.

Some say i’m dark
I just try
to be at the height of the challenge.

a real campaign, a real war…

for real, it’s a fight to death and humans are locked either un sweet illusion
or in a prison of truth.

thank God I didn’t blow a fuse
today (that has no end)
and attract more troubles,

Condemning my voice to silence
and my feelings to cheap emotions.

What they can’t control is providence
and what they can’t provide is real

Even a shower is a resistance act
coz too clean, they got
to pee on you
and keep you dirty.

i don’t know who I can call friend since everyone around me is lost.

From not often hearing their truth
People are deaf and go after
what pleases them
Even I get shocked when someone
tells it to me but I know they’re all wrong
since day one coz they didn’t follow
a real change and what they say is designed
to not  build…

and as might comes mainly from drugs and alcohol and consumerism and addictions..

Look, even a wedding is way too great
a symbol
it is fought over and unions are mainly destroyed
more than encouraged..

we should share our struggles and speak
the truth,
measure our impact
And put these fake kings down…..

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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