Everyone wants a piece of you – K. B

Vampires are real


Everybody wants a piece of you

Here I am,
Not a nickel or a dime,
But pure joy in my heart.
Even that excites the primary
When light goes through,
They start fighting
To unbalance me,

When light goes through,
They start making troubles,
They cut money,
They need to cut off
Anything valuable
In their deep misery!

I found the key to paradise
And they keep nagging,
Humiliating the deep
Instincts of a good life
And desire
And they whirl like crows,
No wonder everyone’s so depressed!

We have become the worst specy on
Earth, devoured by envy, greed, and daily
Little unconscious vengeances!

How despicable, get off my feet!

Like a mossel to a rock
They suck my energy with no scrupules
Until I’m empty and depressed like them

Leave me in peace! I have no respect
For wealth or position, only a kind heart.

Said and done.

To see their shocked face is my ultimate
Pleasure. They deserve it. Surprise too.

I’ll put my success in front of their nose,
And they’ll conceive and drown in hate
While I keep flying happily on the horizon
Laughing at them and their defeat and their lack
Of good sense.

I am the whore on which everyone feeds without ever getting anything back, that’s how they treat a happy person! I can’t hide, I can’t hide! Until they bring me back to their cynical and brutal religion! With no colors and no joy!


All rights reserved. 2020


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