Interconnected universe : tawhid – K. B

Interconnected universe : Tawhid.

A line or a formula
Protons contain
All the information
And like dots
Transfer information
Through a subtle
Magnetic fields,
Geometry, love,
A line or a formula,
All the same.

Ah, to belong,
To be part of you
My mind like
An antenna
Is tuned.
They tried to untune
Me, and you know why?
High spheres don’t the human
To evolve and be ethical.
I discovered connectivity
On my prayer carpet,
Humbly crying, fearing,
Or loving God,
According to what Mohammed
(SWAS) taught and his predecessors.
Science and light,
A line or a formula
All the same,
The pillars of the sky
We can’t see are there.

Humans, ascend,
Turn your senses
To the inside for
A while,
Tune your conscience
And discover your real
Powers for a good :
To yourself, to the people
Around, endure and be patient
For a breakthrough in this invisible prison
They put us since childhood.

Sing a song,
Eat well,
By yourself,
Take nothing
For granted.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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