War on Islam – K. B

War on Islam

Any strong independant
Muslim or african leader
Is systematically cut off…
It is not a war on terror,
It is a war on Islam.
Pakistan: military regime
Afghanistan : American
Indonesia : the worst judiciary
System on earth.
Saudi Arabia : call it
Bank of America.
Morocco : the sick
King needs american doctors
And he won’t let go of the poverty
Tunisia : a new hope.
Algeria : Dictatorship, controlled sermons
At the mosque.
Quatar, U. A. E : FInancially corrupted.
Egypt : the worst country for personal
Freedom but you can still ask for a martini
On the rocks in hotels.
Lebanon : attempt of rising by the population
But corrupted government.
Jordan : America’s brother in law.
The last strongholds :
Syria : plagued by war.
Irak : they killed Sadam, planted their bases.
Libya : they killed Khadafi. Tribes fighting now. International presence of France, G. B, U. S,  oil interests.
Iran: under american fire, assassination of a high commander.
Birmany : persecuted Rohingyas who fled to Bangladesh.
Bangladesh : plagued by poverty.
China : Detained muslim Ouighours in camps.
Palestine : Out of international sight and help for ages..
Soudan : destroyed by war.
Somalia : last news, there has been a civil war.
Yemen: destroyed by..Saudia arabia.
Oman : the switzerland of the Gulf.
Koweit : long time corrupted.
Bahrein : Dictatorship.

Who thrives and who keeps on falling?

The word of peace is more than ever needed
As well as legitimate defense if needed although it is very bad.

Who thrives and who keeps on falling,
In and out of political stability?

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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