The occult members of Satan’s legions – K. B

The occult members of Satan’s legions

They are of every kind :
The overly positive and narcissic
The dreadfully intoxicated,
The casual workers for
A system that destroys

Fear not poverty, Mohammed!
God always provides.
Basic needs are no excuse.
One of a kind : the philantropist.
There’s the libidinous women,
The angry activist,
The malicious entrepreneur,
The cocained publicist
Selling poor stuff we don’t

There’s the lawyer who would sell
Himself for any amount,
All the civil workers basically,
All the civil society.
How will I live then?
By emitting an intention,
Sharing a point of view
And the beliefs guiding
My way.

I won’t apologize.
If you work,
You take part.
The only real
Revolution is in
My rotating mind.
The only real revolution
Is to make no compromise
Inside and be conciliant with
But this time,
I don’t want to be conciliant.

It takes my substance away
To cooperate, lest they come
With a hammer to break my
Head, I’ll drop to the ground
And pray for life. I’ll slither
Silently in a meander of
Fresh water rippling against
My little fish skin.

Yeah, this is a blog
For awakening slowly
From drowsy hits
And sleep.
It’s not made
For flirtatious

What’s the point?
It’s the greatest joy
Offered for a kind
And sincere heart,
As in following the
Trail of angels
Till I’m helped
To access heaven
And bring some of it
Down here,
With God’s permission.

Poetry is my daily
Personal trial
To come out
As white as possible.

Please, give the witness
The courtesy
You would wanna be accorded.

Aren’t we writers witnessing
This era of total human decay?

I’ve enjoyed myself today,
Good food and good company.

But facing eternity,
I can only review myself
And share brief moments
Of this easy oxymoron
We use daily to not
Invade others : personal

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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