No apologies for what I am – K. B

To all the highly rich and dumb patrons of a narrow life… Dare to uncover the horizon, for once in your life 🎶🎶

No apologies for what I am

I spend my day apologizing, yeah,
For being myself.
Sorry, sorry, sorry
Ain’t no diplomat.
If you hurt me
Coz I don’t please,
You’ll get my fist
In your face.
If you show scorn
Because your money
Makes you powerful,
I don’t need your friendship.
If you think you’re smarter
Because you’re older,
You are a dumb ass.
Children know and tell
The truth better than you,
« Experimented » and cynical
Adult with not an ounce
Of joy in you,
Scared of the M. J Effect.
Attributing joy to juvenility,
What an ass your virility
Makes of you.
If you lost your innocence,
You’re even dumber.
If you overpower the wiseman
Who shuts his words in the presence
Of such foolishness of ignoring the basic
Truths of life and afterlife,
Then you’re even dumber.
O yes, they wonder at this
Peak of civilization!
Civilization of what?
Drunk and abandoned children?
Homeless and hungry people?
Abused women?
Displaced old people
From their homes?
Climate change?
And it never stops…
I took act of those things,
A system that doesn’t solve
That is not in my name.
I will stay away as long as it takes,
And I know God is on my side.
Be it I be poor or a whore begging
For daily food,
The essence is that I strongly
Disagree and those are mere
Consequences of a choice
Not to follow this, not to obey
To global unsolved issues
And hypocrisy…
Talked to a lady earlier on,
She told me everything
I need to know.
Even NGO’s are corrupted,
I know for sure.
Hey dumbass philantropist,
Shove those vaccines up
Your ass, it might cure you
From the disease of money
And luxurious offices
Where you plan your conquest
For power… All that interests
I’ll tell you : the greatest injustice
Is to deny the unique God
And his books and beliefs.
From now on, you are warned.
Nobody can force you to believe
But I’m fierce and to solve
The issues, I’ll inspire myself
Freely from Islam and heart,
For from the corrupted lawyers
Of faith and dumbass philosophers
Who know nothing about intuition!
You see, the analytical God is
A monster, leave it subconscious
And take action with your feelings
And spiritual power sleeping inside
Of you!

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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