My blond haired friend – K. B

Don’t shed too many tears hein 😉 With all due respect sir, you deserve praise. Enjoy.

My blond haired friend

My blond haired friend
Has a deep love for me,
I got him worried
And I’m sorry.
He doesn’t need that,
He’s a dad.
He cares about all the
Chidren of the earth
In his cozy bookshop
Where all is welcome
With a smile,
Human warmth
And coffee.

We all owe him
A lot
But we hope that
He gets his own pleasure
And solace
In giving and getting back,
Not the money that falls
On the counter
But the deep joy
Of him and us
Being happy in
Eachother’s company.

We all have our fights
And although we don’t
Talk much about them
We can feel it in eachother
As we are friends.

Yes, the world is full of agony,
Drama and tragedies,
But being happy with
One own’s lot
Is the greatest resistance.

We may fall in our struggles,
We’re not heroic movie stars
But as long as there is warm
There’s a chance to hope
For a new day…

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


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