Sad boy – K.B

This one is one of a kind… 😁

Sad boy

Sad is sad as in it’s too bad.

Dick won’t wake up
But the sense of beauty
Is revibed,
Totally revived.

Any kind of love is welcome

Like in two men or two women

Like in a bird setting on a branch

Like in a night wind

Or a rising sun

The tender caress
And the oozing hours

Like in mom’ s arms
Or dad

Like in brothers and sisters.

Too shy I’ve been

To confess

That deep inside,

I love.

Deep below the surface,

I love.

Like in restraining myself
For love,

Like in training myself to love.

Like in going fast for love

With those who like

My lucid and my blind side.

Far from the game,

Like in free like a bird

Till Victory.

They are all pushing me
In all directions


I remain the captain
Of my ship.

That’s the beauty

And the miracle

Of being human.

O external stimulus,
Look over there,
A tumulus,

Where you want to bury me.

O external stimulus
You led me to extinction
Once as I see know
The same signs
Than before.

Lack of sleep,
No sexual power,
And I’m taking
People with me
On this journey,
How truly daunting
And haunting.

I hope they won’t
Be hurt.

O external stimulus,

If it wasn’t for you

I may have lived

But better,

My fate
Of disconnecting
Therefore losing
My senses.

But I chose to believe
As even food distinterests
Me in this constant denial
Of reality coz I would
Suffer much more

When food disappears
I don’t replace it.

When sex is missing,
I forget about it.

Alone, I would be normal
And back to work
But this taunting God of mine
Still wants to take me higher
Although I already burnt my wings
Twice. I hope it’s worth it.

I’m taking risks, dear Lord
In the skies…

He insists
So much!

Call me disconnect
Or touched by grace

The final word will
Be said,

And it won’t be an end
In itself.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.


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