Temporary gratitude : stronger than life – K. B

Temporary gratitude : Stronger than life

Get down,
Hail sickness
With its sickle!
The issue is to
Keep the flame
Alive coz
No one is prepared
To agony
As light or serious
Sickness may be.
The greatest CEO
The poorest man
The most flamboyant
Of artists
Three nights in a row
With barely sleep
Doctors unable to operate
As long as the infection
Those are the real challenges,
All men equal.
What if I had no parents
Backing up,
No friends to find refuge
No social security to reduce
Health costs? I would be
Lost when in weakness.
I could barely move
And I need to find the knack
To live and write again,
I haven’t won yet
Trusting my antibiotics
And the course of time
Coz I’m battling with
A foul wind made of civil
Horror nevetheless.

I disagree with the system
And yet I love the people

I disagree with the governments
And yet they give healthcare

That may be the strength of
A civil society : the freedom
To speak your mind
And work for change.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.

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