Tears of madness – K. B

Tears to madness

Pierced heart,
You think
Water irrigates
The slums
And the gutter?

Beside rain,
I can’t see
No grace nowhere.

As the angels
Dry their tears,
A golden mountain
Appears to me,
It was masked by the fog.

What the fog?

Insanity lies in blindness.
If you can’t see,
Call it cecity and cease it
Because hissing is of
No use beside the golden
To which I hang my soul
At night
When all can be said,
Only what is needed though.

You humble soul,
They sold their mothers
To showbiz,
Getting no kisses
Only sodomy
And ketamine.

Aren’t those simple
Hearts worthy of joy?

Fly, fly high to join
The stars as a consolation
To this poor joint
With poor music.

Hard work pays
If you give back
To those you
Owe help
And company,

And so the spirit of
Earth lives on…

The whirling cosmos

Of white energy.


All rights reserved. 2019.

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