Wasted wise man – K. B

Wasted wise man

As soon as the liquor
Touched my lips
The little burn inside
Spread to my neighboor
And I could become
A victim of slicing words.

That is why
Most of the time
I’m on my own
Coz I can’t trust this youth.

Only Dad
Makes honnest mistakes
And those don’t hurt
As long as you dodge.

But this youth
Welcoming in vice city
Make me forget about
Why I was born
And why I live.

It is so easy to
Fall in a party,
Fall in love,
Fall to desire.

I have no friends
Only people I hang
Out with.

They want to accelerate
The process but
Time will if they are worthy,
The test of time will tell
As I leave them always
That chance.

But deep inside,
I know that only
A muslim can be trusted
With what’s most precious
… Life.

Back to basics,
The cheikh recites.

I try to grab a line
Far from suffering…
For once.

Does suffering allow
All pleasures to escape?

As long as my heart is
Not satisfied with what’s
100% halal,
Doubt will remain
And eat away my

Please Lord, have mercy
On me, kindly.


All rights reserved. 2019.


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