Treasure of love – K.B

Merry christmas to all! Although, for Christ’s sake, Christ was born in March ( late evening sarcasm doesn’t leave me)

Treasure of love

O ye, in my elation
You zipped my pants

O ye, you cried
When I left

O ye, you cried
Again when I lured

O ye all, I’m a free man
Now, religion denying
Impulses was like
A cold prison
And despite the
Attempts to alienate
Me, I’m still

I have vision
Often brought
Down by a God
Unwilling to cooperate
And a father too
Old to sit upright
At the table
And this taste
Of ash that could
Be replaced by the
Sugar of life.

O ye, the night is
Long in the airplane
Those whom you seek
Help from don’t show up
Which makes me sick
I thought we were united
In one desire
To live and bring
And I’m not devoid
Of any science,
Here I come,
Kingdom of
Hatred polluting
My soft heart.

K. B

All rights reserved.2019.


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