In the quest of lost manhood – K. B

Organised life, bye bye..

In quest of the lost manhood.

Yes, we can’t leave the gates open
To you, woman.

Gatekeepers are men.

As there is no more respect
For manhood,
We become toys
Unless we safely
Close the doors.

Yes, most men
Are obedient.

I bet there won’t be
Violence and rape
If each knew his place.

In the mean time
It’s hard for us
Not to fall
In the hands of hookers.

Last time,
I thought she would be
There but
She wasn’t.

The good thing is to decide
On one’s desire and that is
A man’s privilege or the
Balance of life is gravely

Last time, she took control,
Therefore killing sexual
As men are born
To rule on life
And mostly on their healthy

Tonight I opened
Up my doors
But the leak was too
Important, it will be shut
Again for a while.

What I saw in that vision
Was as usual, the could be
And not what is.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.


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