Gender war – K.B

Gender war

What up with this gender war?
What is a cloth?
Something that keeps
You warm, protects
You, makes you
Beautiful and hides
Your holy power
Of reproduction.

We have a saying
Be a cloth for her
As she is a cloth
For you.

Some philosophers
Rotted our minds
In an eternal quest of
But we have been
Created only to worship.

What’s worse?
A worm or a ship?
The worm
Is in the ship
Like any pastor
Would say.
My ship,
Your ship,
My whip,
Your whip,
And a beautiful
Inuendo in the
End because
Out of whipped
We make
A beautiful
(Not talking about children)
But rather about the fruit of
Love and life.
I want this,
She wants this
But are we capable
Of wanting something
That is the hidden
Science with no reward
That is getting lost

And that is no longer


Because in gender
Matter, we use eachother
And when there’s no more
Juice, we seek another
More fruitful tree
Only to eat,
Not watering
It or taking care of it,
Consuming only.
Ads as standard
Of happiness
And immediate
Use only to throw
It not long after.

K. B

All rights reserved.2019.


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