Castrated by life – K. B

Castrated by life

There was a time
Of prodigious desire,
The leaf would spring
To the sky with ease
And fun.
Joy was welcome,
Empty stomach
Now Refuses to eat.

Yeah, scientists
Have their prediction
Behind a desk
And a warm cosy
But those guys
Are on the streets.

You think you know
But you don’t,
You think
You understand
But you don’t.

Hey, lucid mind
And spirit,
You’re getting
Closer to the sun
But still
You got an empty
Wallet and you
Spread your

Some investigate
Your private life
With no scrupules
Coz they need to
Feed themselves ;
If not through flesh,
Through highlights

But all in all,
We don’t want
No kids of our own
You gotta be dumb
Enough to make any
Unless you were born
In the sixties, golden era.

Plus, we need desire
And love…
Our beloved halfs
Are wandering
In perdition
Still looking
For freedom
And rights,
It already
Came down
Here a long time

But, as you’ll never
Be a man
How can you understand
Where you belong?
All your schemes
Failed, and yet, you
Keep preaching.

K. B

All rights reserved.2019.


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