Horrore civitas – K. B

Horrore civitas

Look at this coffee,
Its a nice blend.
A blend of ignorance
And destruction,
Not a dark line
Without aesthetics.

We worship light
Like butterflies but
They burn their

In the deep night,
True personality
Is shining
After mind tanning
In Hell,
Watching the days go by.

Good news is,
I’m getting the fuck
Outta here.

They thought I was some
Chosen one
But i don’t wish to go back.

Back to the source,
Back to the wall,
Schizophreny enthralled.

I lost my stick
Sounds Christic
But I found a pen and Sean
As well.

In a cupboard,
A hundred lines.

In my body,
A soft fire rekindled.

Escaping sleep,
Everything seemed
So bright
Until tyranny rose
For a glass
Of amber liquid

Slept all day,
I should be up.
Kill the genius,
Make a party
Where they will
When god’s design
Asks for no applause
But the merchandising
Of a soul needs
Money to feed the
New owner.

They said don’t talk,
Hush then,
If anybody reads at all…

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.


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