Because all revolutions…!

Because all revolutions… !


Because all revolutions suck poison out of men’s heart. In our heart, there’s a little beast, a black foetus, source of all our suffering. Love and salvation are not empty words. Love, tenderness, caress, caress and care.  The woman inside me is real, the man inside me is real.  I go high in the sky and connect. Busy humans, they, the government shut our eyes. They forgot about me therefore I’m free. But the world, what an agony ! Extinct, destroyed and the same stupid look. Being stupid is not bad but holding up from what is not in our reach is better. Love there has been, Love there will be. Love is mistreated, think about a pussy or a dick you will have chosen the easy way. Nobility is what we need, us animals. Holy,  the world is holy,  words are too much in this galaxy. My feelings tell me to go on, I’m serene because I’ve seen Eden, a perfect love and a real intelligence working for peace. O scandalous humans, you have gone astray. I’m resisting our flood of insanity except for a few who will be saved beause only a few see and there are no more seeds, the next generation will be the lost one except for those who believed and did good. Hide, hide in the closet because you are free. Hide your joys from the authority, if  you smile, don’t. Die in pain, alone in a white room but this new world tells me to open up and to not be scared. Respect, humility and no greed are my new crude credes. Hunger, God !Thirst for knowledge. 


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