Alma mater- K.B

Alma mater

From one soul
Came the rest.

That soul
Was born
In the stars
Then came
Down here.

It lived very
Far from earth,
It was in Paradise.

The journey must
Have been long
And seems wrong.

I have to travel
Back from where
My father left me.
Adam and his wife
Eve but on Christmas
Eve I’ll have a thought
For them, my original

No planned
Parenthood, a perfect
Cupple from whom
We inherited a capacity
To dream and yearning
To go back from where
We came.

The gentle hand of God
Made them perfect,
Their children
Fought and killed
Eachother coz
Papercuts got the upperhand.

But I’m still turning my face
To Mecca in the hope
That a thousand angels
Come down to free me
And my brothers
And my sisters
And my mothers
And my fathers.

A song of unity
Is what we need,
Facing stuff
We had never seen
And hoping to see
More… of this Beauty.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.

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