Soap opera – K.B

Soap opera



O look , it’s so sad.
So is the hobo
On the street.
Maybe fantasy
Should stop feeding
Us in unnecessary drama.
I’m crossing the screen
And going there.
Hey man, you need anything?
Some coffee maybe?
She calls a friend.
« Hey, my husband is
Psycho, he’s helping
People on the streets.
What if they come at the doorbell?
I’m calling mom ».
Yes, that’s how it goes.
Well, I have a heart
For everyone.
Only fear keep them
From truly helping.
What are YOU building?
A whole dynasty for yourself
To be influentuial?
On what exactly?
I’m crossing the narcissic
Screen more and more
Often, the worst danger
Is not the poor.
It is this panoptic
Where everyone
Watches everyone
To keep their interests
Going, this infamous
« Voice of reason »
So everyone be at
The beach by the
Month of July …
Haha…Well here I am !
The eccentric writer !
With some real attitude !
And if I’m not praised,
Remember how you
Were raised before
Netflix came !

All rights reserved.2019.


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