God’s champion – K.B

Be a cloth to those who are naked…


God’s champion



God, keep me close by,
Keep me in your heart.

Illumine my night and
God’s champion
Has no sword,
Only a kind word.

A breath that carries
Him through life,
Through good
And less good times.

Hold it together, chap
Maybe a coin will
Bring you coffee
And croissant.

Watch mom
And Dad
They are keepers,
Human and imperfect.

Think about brother
On the highway to his
A wedding maybe and kids.

Watch for a lonely friend
Who might not succeed,

Watch for yourself
In this cold night
As the heater is
Working again !

God’s champion
Has no sword
But he knows
He is in Him
As the hardships
Prove to be tough
But not impossible
To solve.

O voluptuous
The memory
Of you is fading
Starting from
Nowhere again.

Hold it together, chap
Maybe you’ll die in
Maybe spirit will be
As strong and the vision
Richer and stabilized.

As a smile is charity
And offering food
The most beautiful
Act of kindness,

I hate myself
For loving myself
But the Hand

The heights
Are calling,
Was a genius
And so am I,

Short sighted
And short lived
In this basket
Where I mix
Spices ,
And fresh lemon.

Would it be too much
To ask
If you all contribute,
Not for a rising
But for dignity,
Full Shelves
Human warmth
And lost battles
That you console
As I’m losing
My thread.

Cursed and blessed,
My sore feet cry
And my back aches,
Where is the ecstasy
Of being a saint?

All rights reserved.2019.


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