Thinking for myself – K.B

Thinking for myself



Thinking for myself
Was never a crime
Or delinquancy.
But in this world,
They make you feel like

There is the passive
Crowd, police cuffs,
Restrictions of the
Law, mom’s anger and
Frustration, the neighboor’s
Fighting, Dad’s synchronicity
To disturb my sleep,
Doctors with bitter hearts….

Thinking for oneself becomes
A crime.

Didn’t you hear the news?
Didn’t you listen to Georges

My turn to spit it out :
WE are the productive mass
They put into slavery and alienation.
THEY need us to make money and
Fill the paperwork. Soon, they’ll
Steal retirement money like they did
In 2008.

Therefore , thinking for oneself
Becomes a crime.
They blackmail you with
The everly kept simple minded
Relatives who see life in
A traditional way.

But not this,
Not here,
We will be fighting
For social justice.

Let’s think for ourselves.

Keep nagging, collective
We have to take down
The walls of materialistic
Dogma and parental authority

Coz they really don’t
Understand our purpose,
Mutilated from any conscience
Of what’s around them and that
Needs tending.


All rights reserved.2019.


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