Zeitgeist : old world vs new world

Zeitgeist is a german word to define the mood of era.



Zeitgeist : old world vs new world.



My era is made of darkness,
Hollow eyed,
Hollow holy
In the brain
And parasites nagging…
Happy thoughts
In prison
Because it will shock
The old lady !
Who likes her « experience »
Of life and talks like an empress
To impress, « o I’ve been through most
Of it » she says in flutters…
Keep your bullshit in your signed
Keep buying 2 sausages for dinner
And a can of beer to watch T.V
As we are the masters of fire.
Keep you « experience » and your
Dogma and haughtiness close
By so I can slam you a few words
To break you into pieces,
The organic harmony is
On its way , old lady !

I ain’t angry at you
But you look too much
Like Hierarchy and
Predominance of age.

Ask a baby what he knows,
He’ll tell you about the stars
He was in, the tall mountains,
The vast oceans, the green fields,
The smell of spring,
The lonely cows,
He’ll tell you
About the galaxies
The stars , the planets,
And his eyes won’t stop
Amazing you.

Look at yourself now,
You call that spirit?
Look at your sour heart
And bitter mind,
You weren’t strong enough
To keep the joy strong
And you come to tell ME
What to do ?
Go f*** yourself as well.
You’ll have noticed,
This morning is about sending
Everyone pissing off
To leave me alone with love,
Listen to the ballads and the
Angry crowd waiting outside.
Outside of what?
Not the walls of my home
Nor the pure sky,
Outside the walls
Of my mind where
My own universe
Is expanding.
Ain’t no safer place.




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