Anti enjoyment God – K.B

Anti enjoyment God

Close your eyes,
Fucking God.
Let us live.
This morning
I had a taste of
Now I’m crying inside.
The wind drove me mad
I’m smarter , way smarter
Than this.
Fucking God wants submission,
Not just praying.
He needs a belly on the ground
For a so called prophetic mission.
Listen up, I cope with hardships
And my joys make me live.
You take em off , the gate
To bad fortune opens up
Alienation from innocence,
There you go,
Perversion puts a feet
In the pool of blood
Made of red autumn
Asshole in the sky
Listen up,
I ain’t your creature ,
Go f*** yourself ,
As you take bread out
Of my mouth,
You are no Provider,
Except for troubles,
Tragedy, drama,
Suffering and pain.
And mankind is addicted
To that , talking foul
And not looking for
Go f*** yourself.

And if you think
Swearing is not
Sexy enough,
No one knows
Shit about what
I have to go through.
Keep your silken
Tissues with exotic
Perfumes in your ass,
Here comes the hungry
Hound ready to make love
Ten hours straight just
To exorcise this anti
Enjoyment God
Making my heart
Sick for days.
Abuse of power from
Above, fucked up society.
My mind is a free land,
My choice is what matters
To me.



All rights reserved.2019.