A story of light – K. B

Heaving, may we win the battles and the wars..

A story of light

From far came a light,
The unworthy humans
Tried to shut it.

The light gave in
To avoid prison.
To avoid
The streets.

She needs a bed to
An empire to imagine
Where the rule is made
Of pleasure.

For a soul,
This world is hell.

Each claim his right
To the bounty,
Control above all,

Affective blackmailing,
Not enough ambition
To fill God’s will
And the greatness.

The mind is torn apart
Between grand gestures
To appease while having

And little means of life
Where the real truth
Is trampled upon
Until like ashes
The fire dies.

Fire, fire!
A woman, good food,
Devotion, purpose,
Foreshadowed shadows
And killings and murder…

As joy dies in the first glimpses
Of pessimism, so does
The wheel of quiet
Desperation turn
At it’s ease.

I want to shout out
To God why do you do
That? Why do you lend
Your light to better crush it?
Aren’t we honest enough?
When will you dignify
Your fighter with
A mass victory
On this system
And the filthy creatures
That live within?

When will you send
These muttons to
Slaughter because
Made uncapable
To do any good?

You gave me sickness,
Mind control, money control,
Blackmailing, assholes I live
Fake friends who seek an interest
Uncapable of  loving you truly?

When will the sheets of the sky
Be spread on it’s worthy children
To protect and encourage?

Encourage fighting, rebellion
Against world order,
New era, new earth,
Paradise on earth,
Just once before it all ends?

Just once, before the unborn
Camels remain in their matrice,
The sky be folded, the earth
Cracked open,
And all of the living going to
Court before the best Judge!

Ain’t no justice down here
My Lord,
Only fire, dying mankind,
Embellished lives, rolling
Fires, and no instagram
Filter for this suicidal mission
You called upon us,
Because that Night,
You showed your Face
To me…
Be blessed…

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.

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