Looking for something… Until death do us part – K. B

Looking for something.

Looking for something,
A cosmic union
With the universe,
A path of peace, of love.

Looking for solidarity,
Looking for less weight.

Not looking for money,
Looking for friends,
Looking for a lover
Not looking for pain.

Looking for levitation
To the stars
Where my body
Explodes in

The world is dangerous,
Looking for love
Looking for true values,
Looking for kindness
I stay up all night
With you my Lord.

Looking for a sword
To slice darkness,
Looking for people
To sooth this knight
Who took up on himself
To free mankind with
His writings.

Looking for an ode
To the antipode,
Looking for an
Apple to bite in,
Looking for the structure
Of the unraveling night ;

Body cracks,
Vibes are high
And fluttering,
The wind is
The wild breath
Is carrying

Most of my life
Was lonely
But I chose it,
I chose not to eat
To burn better
Until I fall
Or death do us part.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.



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