Dream killer – K.B

Dream killer

As human kind
Is going the wrong way,
This one is obsessed
By his dick.

He runs a thousand women
Without respect.

I intake their poisonous minds
And say no word
But my tone of skin
Speaks for myself
Coz it just turned pale.

Another one came along
As fucked up as the first,
Living in celibacy with
A wife and children
Back home.

The long nights on his own
Are perdition with no fruition
As I was dreaming of freedom
In the parking lot waiting
For my dad.

As I wander around,
I discover the sickness
Of my kind,

The little space for poetry
This fire shut down by
A convention not to hurt
Despite getting hurt
By their words
And fucked up

My ocean of pureness
Is my wellness
A dream, a vision,
Sound sleep
No hard battles
I’m like an anomaly,
A beacon
That is walking beside
Death and falling angels,
The ones that were born
Innocent of any crime.

Look at hell, it’s right
Below your feet and
It’s opening up wider,
Swallowing more humans.

Love ain’t a killer,
Fornication is
Without the King’s
Consent coz,
Who are you?
They keep on saying.

Well, I’m not what you
Way deeper if only allowed
To speak my mind.





All rights reserved.2019.


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