Lacanian darkness – K.B

Power to self administrated people, evolution not revolution.


Lacanian darkness



Here is the fire
And the light,
Are we going
To that beautiful

As they live in darkness,
They don’t deserve death
Yet but punishment
Because if they can’t see,
They’ll die
Deaf, dumb and blind
And that, the Lord never forgives.

« I Created the sun to open your eyes »

And as this kabbalistic
War is still raging on,
The fight is still
Unfair between
Jedis and Siths.

Of course,
Medias distract
People with politics,
A promise of change,
The premiss of failure.

Like naive opium eaters,
They look up to politics
While their children
Are unhappy about
Life and having bitter

Change is in the vicinity,
Not abroad or higher up.
Lend a hand to a relative
You will then achieve more
Than a politician.

Politics belong to the households,
The families, the interactions,
Neighboors, the streets.

We don’t need a velvet cushion
To sit on during a vote at
Congress or any assembly
To then go party in a pub.

Meditate on that,
Corporate suit guy !




All rights reserved.2019.



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