The orchestra : the infernal machine – K.B

The orchestra : infernal machine


Djinns with djinns,
Men with djinns,
Men with men.

The infernal machine
Doesn’t lack discipline,
Sometimes precise
Loose .

It is thought,

The net has tight

I am a bright
Fish that swims
In free waters,
I’ve seen the pollution.

No time to breath,
A call here and there
To enter the universe,
Distract or get busy,
To not breathe.

Respond to war
With war,
Stabs in the back,
Mother crying
And peace torn apart.

The precious equilibrium
Of life is theatened at all

Sometimes free,
Wisdom and happiness
Find a place to live
And appear from
Nowhere ,
Leaving me drenched,
Soaking wet with pleasure
Back into the night of men.

Sometimes in jail,
Most of the time.
The infernal machine
Produces hell
And protects
The manufacturers.

We, the poor
And forsaken,
Live as we can.




All rights reserved.2019.


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