Dare to make your own path – K.B

Dare to make your own path


Maybe the stars are conspiring
To make me king, who knows
What’s in store?
Yes, I pursue my pleasures,
I work from time to time
But ain’t nothing like
The kinda quietness
That rises from weakness
In a performative society
Where even love
Has become
A long run
To satisfy someone
And not the single
Entity when we are two.

It’s probable
That destiny
Lies in softness
Rather than
Sheer strength.

I’d like it to be human
Again as I’m always
So concerned with
The well- being
Of the people
In front of me,

I think there is
No higher cause
Than a reassuring
World of golden
Humans that care

We have become
Beasts uncapable
Of touching
Soul with all
The softness
It needs,

We talk more
About numbers
And stastistics,

Not of content
Or substance,

Not of dialogue
And exchange,


Our human side
Is failing
And is lived
Like an agression
When someone
Coz it scares.

We have a heart

Please show.






All rights reserved.2019.


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