Party time – K.B

Party time



Lights turning,
Tonight is our night!

Get the bass player
On a steady beat,
He won’t regret it
As he is drinking
While playing,
And tell him
Nicky’s watching!

Get the drums
On a smooth rythm,
We all like it
When music isn’t
Too loud.
O watch it !
He’s going after
The beers
As well !

Tell Paul
To bring some
Melody in ,
He’s good
At it !

Watch it,
Awlat is singing
Doo wops
In african dialect
While her friend
Is making the chorus!

The redhead fury
Is in too,
She’s physically
A wanna be
Who argues
A lot with the
Lead musician.

As for me,
The African
Is inviting
Me on stage,
I got a lot of kisses
On the cheek that night .

But cheeky is the cheek,
And the girls went away early,
After a goodbye kiss.

All right,
Let’s go smoke
But at that moment
V. Started.

The grungy
And punky
Familiar voice
Is killing some
Demons ,
I’m telling you!
Tell him to stop!
Go, I’ll hold
Your glass
Of wine !

As for me,
My whining
Turned into
A powerful
To the audience
To get that love out !

Tonight is our
Just remember
57 is our
But I guarantee
that we’ll
Die sooner,
( laughter).



All rights reserved.2019.


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